智佳子 (茶名:宗佳)

2012年 株式会社日本ヴォーグ社 ポーセラーツ倶楽部インストラクター資格を取得後、東京の市ケ谷・神楽坂エリアで ポーセラーツサロン Atelier Blancheを主宰



ポーセラーツのインストラクター資格だけでなく、フラワーアレンジメント、社団法人ランプシェード協会講師、ヘレンド社Petites Roses Painting Certification、社団法人裏千家 茶道講師、愛犬飼育管理士の資格を持ち、2011年には、外務省主幹の文化交流訪中団の一人として、文化交流にも貢献している


Chikako Soka is a professional instructor of Porcelain Art, teaching primarily in Tokyo, and has visited Hong Kong for both special and diplomat lessons. In 2014, she had special lesson in Macau, at Tea-Pot in Tsim Sha Tsui. She was licensed for the professional instructor in Japan in 2012.

Chikako is also entitled tutor licenses of flower arrangement and tea ceremony (Japanese Sado), and was honored to join a national cultural exchange programme sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in 2011.

She has been elected a Beauty Medalist by one of the best-selling and prestigious Japanese woman’s fashion magazines, named “25ans.” She is a top-ranked blogger for the 25ans’ website, and has been featured in a number of special programmes in the magazine.

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